Recent Victories:

  • CASE NO. 1822-AC02956.  Client/landlord came to our firm because the commercial tenant was not paying on the rent. Tenant hired an attorney and proceeded to trial.  In April 2018, we successfully negotiated a stipulated judgment in excess of $110,000.00, removal of the tenant all with voluntary monthly payments.
  • CASE NO. 1622-CC11269.  Client came to our firm after he sold his property but was not paid on the sale.   Purchaser disputed the amount stating the sale was for $8,000.00.  After a two day trial in January 2018, the Judge correctly determined that my client was not paid and awarded a judgment in the sum of $41,687.50.
  • March 2020 completed the negotiation and purchase of a multi-million 40 unit apartment complex for a client.
  • April 2020 assisted client through the pandemic by preventing the closure of their business by the bank, and thus saving the jobs of over 48 employees. Why a bank would want to cause more unemployment is beyond me especially when my client was current on the loan.